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What is “Source of Life”?

Source of Life is an outstanding international virtual platform devised by the United Nations Association in Spain, supported by the Department of Equality and Feminisms of the Government of Catalonia, with the fundamental purpose of promoting and safeguarding women’s Human Rights. The platform focuses on making visible, spreading and raising awareness about the severe violations of women’s Human Rights, such as femicides, sexual mutilations, early marriage, and trafficking, as well as the high mortality rates derived from pregnancies, childbirth or abortions. Furthermore, it comprehensively addresses civil and political rights violations, directing its activity to national and international organisations, with particular attention to and significant impact in Catalonia.

The serious and systematic violations of women’s Human Rights are a matter of priority concern and represent a tangible impediment to the complete achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the United Nations General Assembly. The importance of gender equality as a Fundamental Human Right and an essential foundation for building a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world crystallises in the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 5.

Our logo and us

The icon beside our platform’s name is not just a random geometric shape. Its design finds inspiration in the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph of the throne, which identifies the goddess Aset/Isis. Aset has been considered an allegory of women, femininity, and sisterhood for millennia.

As a mother goddess and allegory of fertility and sexuality, Isis can be a symbol for some (among many) of women’s Human Rights violations in the world, such as sexual, obstetric and reproductive violence. Her role in the myths depicts a defender of people in vulnerable situations, aligning with the central mission of this platform of advocating for the Fundamental Rights of women. The myth of Aset frequently incorporates metaphors of transformation (resurrection, rebirth, change), a theme that resonates with the will to achieve change to achieve full equality.

Of course, not all interpretations of Aset and her myths are uniform, and her figure is not always perceived as a feminist icon. However, as a wise and powerful goddess, Aset can be an allegory of the strength and effort over centuries to achieve gender equality.

What does our virtual platform consist of?

Source of Life is a network in the field of civil society committed to the fight against severe violations of human rights that affect hundreds of women and girls around the world daily. It mainly focuses on documenting and publicising the civil and political rights violations that affect women.

Source of Life is a reference documentation centre for institutions, organisations and individuals, offering valuable resources to inform and guide. From good practice manuals to specialised articles, analyses, reports and action guidelines, the platform seeks to establish itself as a comprehensive source of resources.

Additionally, Source of Life seeks to go beyond being a static page of information. Instead, it aims to be a dynamic and participatory medium, creating a space to share ideas, relevant news, events, and activities crucial in this fight against human rights abuses against women and girls.

Why be part of Source of Life?

  • Because you will be in contact with other associations that share your objectives and concerns.
  • Because it will increase the visibility of your association and its work and, with it, its impact.
  • Because you will have at your disposal all the necessary material to carry out your work, complement the training of your workers and volunteers, to develop new activities, find out about interesting events, etc.
  • Because we will share your events and activities to make them known internationally.
  • Because you will be aware of what is happening around the world regarding violations of the Human Rights of women and girls, as well as the progress in this fight.

Come and be part of Source of Life!

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