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Here, you can find all the organisations on our platform, with information about their work, scope of action, website and contact information.

  • United Nations Associaction of Spain

    The United Nations Associaction of Spain (UNA-Spain) is a non-governmental organization founded in Barcelona on October 31, 1962. The ANUE is a member of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), created in 1946 as a social and apolitical initiative with the fundamental objective of defending and disseminating the principles of peace and human rights in the world to achieve peaceful coexistence between all the peoples of the earth.

  • Department of Equality and Feminisms of Catalonia

    The Department of Equality and Feminisms of Catalonia is the body in charge of deploying policies on women and gender equality from the Catalan Women’s Institute. One of its main tasks is the eradication of sexist violence. The Department offers care and support services to people who are victims of violence and their families. It also aims to guarantee human rights, in addition to incorporating the LGBTI+ perspective into public policies and deploying anti-racism policies.

  • Institut Català de les Dones

    The Institut Català de les Dones is the body of the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia, attached to the Department of the Presidency, which designs, promotes, coordinates and evaluates the policies for gender equality developed by the Administration of the Generalitat, from of the exclusive powers granted by the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia.

  • Associació Salut i Família

    The Associació Salut i Família is an independent, non-profit private entity. Its mission is to assist people in accordance with the principle of impartiality, that is to say, regardless of origin, ethnicity, sex, nationality, social status and religion.
    It is a state-level non-governmental entity. Its purpose is to contribute to the multidisciplinary analysis, exchange of ideas and the articulation of operational solutions that help improve the health and quality of life of families as a whole and of each of their members, especially those of the weakest .

  • SISMA Mujer

    SISMA Mujer is a Colombian feminist organization that since 1998 has contributed to the consolidation of the women’s movement, has worked with women victims of violence and discrimination due to being women, in private and public spheres and in the armed conflict, for the expansion of their citizenship, the full validity of their human rights and the promotion of their role as actors transforming their reality. They work with a comprehensive and interdisciplinary psycholegal and human rights approach, which strengthens social processes for the individual and collective empowerment of women.


    The World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) is a global non-profit organization that represents and coordinates a membership of more than 100 national United Nations associations (UNAs) and their thousands of constituents. Guided by our vision of a United Nations that is a powerful force to address common global challenges and opportunities, WFUNA works to strengthen and improve the United Nations. We achieve this through the participation of people who share a global mindset and support international cooperation: the citizens of the world.

  • Comité Contre l’Esclavage Moderne

    The Committee Against Modern Slavery (CCEM) was created in France in 1994. The CCEM is an association that fights against all forms of slavery, servitude and human trafficking for labor exploitation. It also accompanies the victims, the vast majority of whom are women or girls in a situation of domestic servitude, but also male victims of trafficking in human beings for economic purposes in the sectors of construction, catering, commerce, crafts, small businesses or agriculture. It provides them with global, social, legal and administrative support.

  • Violence Faites aux Femmes Senegal

    Violence Faites aux Femmes Senegal (VFFS) is a non-profit organization created in Dakar that unites members who work for the same goal of defending and respecting the rights of women victims of violence in Senegal. The mission of VFFS is to provide rapid and early treatment for gender-based violence.

  • Observatorio de Violencia Obstétrica

    The Observatorio de Violencia Obstétrica (OVO) is a non-profit entity whose main objective is to put an end to obstetric and sexual reproductive violence through: Research and teaching, aimed at improving the quality of healthcare services. The promotion of respect for legislation that protects the rights of patients and users. The eradication of all forms of discrimination, intimidation, violence or exploitation of women’s bodies and health. Facilitating women’s access to contraception, abortion and quality and respectful maternal and child care services. Support for women who have suffered violence in the area of their sexual or reproductive health, as well as for research and teaching staff and the public interested in our objectives.

  • Amar Dragoste

    Amar Dragoste is a non-profit organization in Spain, whose purpose is to combat social inequality and counteract the conditions of vulnerability of people who are at risk or social exclusion. To this end, they have promoted a project, Casa Refugio, which offers comprehensive care to women who are victims of trafficking for exploitation, in situations of prostitution and/or at risk of social isolation.

  • Libyan Women

    The NGO Libyan Women is a social work of the Libyan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which promotes the reconstruction of Libya by empowering its women, facilitating their training and employment, and promoting sustainable development opportunities.
    Their initiatives aim to make them aware of their own value and their fundamental role in society. The goal is that, in the near future, they achieve equal opportunities legally and socially.

  • Lloc de la Dona

    Lloc de la Dona is a social care center for women who live in contexts of prostitution, victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation and/or in a situation of social exclusion. Their objective is to promote the integral development and empowerment of the women I serve by reducing the situations of exclusion, stigmatization and injustice they suffer and work for the recognition and exercise of rights. They do this based on projects aimed at social care and health care, the processes of training and socio-labor insertion and finally the promotion of social participation and socialization.

  • In Via Association

    The In Via Association is a non-profit entity that carries out its work in the prevention and eradication of the conditions of inequality that generate violence and discrimination, from care to comprehensive support for women, infants, young people, families and groups. highly vulnerable.

  • Dones no estàndards

    The “Dones no estándars” association is an entity whose main objective is to defend the dignity and human rights of women with disabilities. To achieve this objective, they undertake actions such as disseminating the problems and reality of women with disabilities, promoting social, school and work integration, as well as the economic and personal independence of women with disabilities along with the promotion of the necessary changes in legislation.

  • Hèlia

    Hèlia is a non-profit association, formed in 2008 by volunteers and professionals who offer support to women survivors of sexist violence until full recovery and full empowerment from a feminist, intersectional and human rights perspective. They also accompany them from the community perspective to promote sisterhood among women and for social transformation, as well as participate in feminist solidarity projects in Palestine with the aim of sharing and strengthening experiences of resistance and fight against patriarchy in other countries. areas of the world.

  • GAM Vallès

    The GAM Vallès organization is a Care Group for Victims of Abuse. Apart from providing support to women victims of this situation, they also call for activities to disseminate knowledge about gender violence and other forms of violence against women.

  • Assistència i Gestió Integral – AGI

    Assistència i Gesció Integral (AGI) is a non-profit foundation, created in Barcelona in 1994, which works with the objective of achieving a more just and supportive society in the areas of prevention, intervention, training, awareness and research, especially in the area of equality and care for women, as well as for all those groups and people who are vulnerable or at risk of social exclusion based on a comprehensive and quality care model.

  • Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG)

    The Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) is a non-profit social entity that provides services for the development of the Roma community, in Catalonia, throughout the Spanish State and at the European level. The mission of the Secretariado Gitano Foundation is the comprehensive promotion of the Gypsy community, from attention to cultural diversity. The FSG develops all types of actions that contribute to achieving full citizenship for Roma people, improving living conditions, promoting equal treatment and avoiding all forms of discrimination, as well as promoting recognition of the cultural identity of Roma people. the gypsy community.

  • Associació d’Assistència a Dones Agredides Sexualment (AADAS)

    AADAS offers psychological, legal and community support to people who have suffered sexual violence. They have offered this service uninterruptedly for 32 years and are currently located in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona. They have a team of two coordinators who provide the first attention, three psychologists who conduct psychotherapies and a lawyer who advises in case of filing a complaint through judicial means or simply wanting to find out about the possibility of filing one. Additionally, they have a constantly growing network of users, workers and volunteers who weave mutual support and a feminist community.

  • EXIL

    The EXIL Association is a non-governmental organization focused on medical-psycho-social therapeutic care for people affected by trauma processes derived from different types of human rights violations. The therapeutic model of your center is comprehensive, systemic and applied through practices in social networks. Its attention is especially dedicated to people who have suffered these types of violence due to their political ideas, membership in social, political or cultural groups, origin, gender status or sexual orientation (LGTBIQ+). Given this intersectional reading, EXIL has extensive experience and specific training in the matter to promote good practices in intervention with affected groups, the promotion of gender equality as well as dissemination in this sense as a return to the community.

  • Neswía

    Neswía is an association that was created with the aim of making visible the patriarchal discriminations suffered within Muslim families, accompanying women in the emancipation process and providing them with a safe meeting space to prevent social isolation. Neswía’s main task is the comprehensive support of women who do not feel identified with the cultural values of their cultural environment. Its mission is to make visible the machismo that girls and women experience in Muslim environments and that is attributed to family problems and to accompany women in the emancipation process with the aim of achieving their autonomy and independence.

  • Asociació de Dones Immigrants Subsaharianes (ADIS)

    The Association of Sub-Saharan Immigrant Women (ADIS) is a non-profit organization that was born in the summer of 2004 in Granollers with a double objective, on the one hand, to play an important role in the social field, becoming a meeting point and reference for all African women who want to join, without distinction of origin or province. And on the other hand, promote and work in the field of human rights, as well as fight against traditional practices that are harmful to women’s health.

  • Almena Cooperativa Feminista

    Almena Feminista is a non-profit, social initiative cooperative. They work on strategic political advocacy projects to help build a new social paradigm. The cooperative is not only a legal form of incorporation, but also a philosophy and a social and ideological positioning. They work for the full freedom of women and people who do not conform to gender mandates from a feminist, intersectional and anti-racist perspective. They seek to strengthen the feminist network, eradicate sexist violence, influence the best of public policies and transform patriarchal collective imaginaries, contributing to global justice.

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